Dūcere May event

Our second MBA cohort event was another success hosted by our industry partner PwC in their innovation space in Sydney. The event centred on finance, ethics and sustainability, and highlighted the focus of our MBA program on providing both academic and industry exposure.

“It was another brilliant opportunity for our online MBA candidates to review their progress, build their networks in person, both amongst their MBA cohort, but also with leading industry professionals at PwC and other partner organisations present.” said Jack Hylands, Managing Director of the MBA program.

The industry sessions featured a dynamic mix of lectures on finance, cultural and emotional intelligence and innovation, as well as the benefits of an education review to the future prosperity of the Australian economy.

Mark Talbot, the Regional Business Executive of NAB, started the sessions by drawing on his consulting experience with small businesses, big corporates and not-for profit organisations, giving an insightful overview of various financing options. Mark highlighted that being data driven is just as important for not-for-profit organisations as it is for profit-based companies.

This was followed by a session on cross-cultural dynamics in the workplace, delivered by entrepreneurs Charlotta Oberg (Founder of Prisma Group) and Isabelle Phillips (Founder and Managing Director of Mackerel Sky). They stimulated an in-depth discussion on the importance of cultural and emotional intelligence in the successful leadership of organisations.

Marcus Tierney, Partner at PwC Australia, rounded off the student workshops by discussing PwC’s innovative R&D initiatives, emphasising the need for business and government in Australia to invest in education.

The day concluded with an enthralling panel discussion on innovation and leadership featuring our impressive group of panellists:

  • Mark Carnegie – Founder of M.H. Carnegie & Co
  • Sophie Ryan – CEO Sony Foundation Australia
  • Trent Lund – Lead Partner, Innovation and Digital Ventures, PwC Australia.

We want to thank of all those who participated and attended the event, especially to all of the guest speakers, and to PwC for their hospitality.


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