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The Dūcere MBA has No Exams. Here’s Why.

One aspect of the Dūcere MBA people are always interested to know about is how the work is assessed.

There are no exams in the Dūcere MBA Course. We do not believe that the best approach to business skill development and professional development is to learn a lot of material and then be examined under examination conditions.

In our approach students are encouraged to undertake reflective analysis throughout the course. At each milestone when students and teams deliver something to their industry sponsor, they will reflect on the process and reflect on the feedback that they receive from industry. Students consider what they have done well and what they do to better the next time and then dependent on which stage of the course they are in and which content division that focusing on, they may also have academic assignments which are linked to that particular milestone as well.

Through this process the student builds a portfolio of work which is focused on how they’ve apply MBA concepts to the solution of these real industry problems. Again we encourage students to think about both the theory and also the practical application. It is our experience, and our view that this is a much more effective way of developing professional skills within students, as opposed to a traditional methodology of modular rote learning and examination.

At Dūcere Business School we are very much focused on how we can enhance people’s ability in the workplace and what they can take back to their current employers or businesses. This is a much better goal than seeing how successful are they are regurgitated information in exam conditions.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, industry projects are very much at the core of the course and these industry projects are all delivered in collaborative student groups. This focus on project work and group collaboration is reflected in the way students are assessed.

30% of the assessment is actually based on the industry deliverables produced by the groups so that means that there is a mark attached to that group collaborative effort. 70% is based on the industry deliverable reflections and academic assignments which are completed on an individual basis. This reflects our desire to both enable students to be extremely successful individually and engage those academic materials on an individual basis, but also we really want to be driving the problem solving and teamwork aspects of what we believe should be absolutely essential to any MBA offering.

This is about how well we work collaboratively in business managing teams and an engaging with peers to solve problems. That 30% assessment also incorporates direct feedback from our industry project sponsors allowing us to benchmark student outcomes against the highest industry standards.

Candidates will follow an assessment process comparable to that of any other business school delivering a masters program. This will include academic feedback, scores and gradings, represented on their academic transcript that is awarded by the University of Canberra. But that is not all.

Students can graduate from the course with not only a Master Degree, an impressive achievement itself, but also they can add the completed projects to their CVs and include the industry feedback provided by project sponsors exhibiting that they have delivered three different projects for three major organisations. They can show what they have delivered in projects for these organisations and provide the feedback about how effective the project was and its impact when implemented by the organisation. There is also the potential to achieve personal references from project sponsors as students work directly and closely with senior stakeholders at these major organisations.  We believe that receiving quality feedback direct from real industry adds significantly more value than just examination scores.


Patrick Loke

Dūcere Business School, MBA Administration

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