The Extraordinary Power of Ducere’s Industry Projects

Studying for an MBA is now more accessible than ever before due to the proliferation of online course providers and moves from some providers to lower eligibility criteria for entry. This means that there are thousands of MBA graduates each year in Australia vying for the most desirable roles.

So why choose Ducere Business School over another provider? On first glance the Ducere MBA format might seem a little interesting and a little quirky. You may notice that the Ducere MBA has a faculty of global leaders. You might have noticed that there are no exams and perhaps that appeals to you.

What a lot of people seem to miss however is the extraordinary power of the industry based projects and what that means for getting noticed in the business world.

Think about this: You have the opportunity to complete projects for real companies with real commercial outcomes and the opportunity to receive an invaluable reference for your CV, all the while supported by peers, expert academics, mentors and learning resources.

Projects are completed through online collaboration in small teams of five or six people. There is no need to go on-site, and the MBA may be completed 100% online outside of business hours. The majority of the Ducere MBA candidates complete the course whilst working full-time.

You have an opportunity through the Ducere MBA to gain experience and references that you are probably not going to get through any other means. Project partners include KPMG, National Australia Bank, Seek, PwC, Save the Children Australia, the Australian Treasury and Linfox.

While there is no guarantee that you will excel, you will be completing these projects in a highly supportive environment. This is a way to get experience in high level corporate project work and build vital business skill-sets with minimal professional risk.

In the Ducere MBA program so far, the quality and value of the project deliverables has been consistently high. This shows that MBA candidates have been supported and educated to such an extent that they have been able to meet the demands of the industry projects and in most cases excel.

To date every single project delivered by Ducere MBA teams has been received favourably by industry partners. This means that all candidates have the potential for a positive written reference from the industry partner as well as a positive personal reference that they can convey anecdotally at any job interview or promotional review.

We all know that when we applying for a new role the interviewer is going to ask us to give an example of when we achieved a certain outcome or handled a certain challenge. They may also ask what value you can add as an MBA graduate. Ducere MBA graduates are at a distinct advantage here. While the typical MBA graduate may be able to relate a story from a case study in their assignment, or a concept from a book that they have read, the Ducere graduate has a real-world story, with the real-world outcome to convey.

Can you think of anywhere else in the world where you could get three references from three prestigious organisations within a 12 month period? Can you think of any other way you can get first-hand experience delivering important projects within corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations?

Most other MBAs, if they have an industry component at all will include an internship at the end of your studies. This is very different to the immersive experience that you get throughout the MBA course with Ducere.

Consider also the satisfaction of knowing that your MBA project will become a working document within the partner organisation, and not just another work of academic theory to gather dust.

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Unique Insights from World Leaders

A quite astonishing and unique aspect of the Dūcere MBA is the Global Faculty of World Leaders. Dūcere have assembled an esteemed array of over 270 presidents, prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners, government ministers, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, and the CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies to share their experience and insights with Dūcere students. This is no small achievement! Can you think of any other university that has come close to attracting input from so many respected public figures?

The Global Leaders Faculty is an asset shared and valued by Dūcere Business School and the Dūcere Foundation. The GLF came about through a group of exceptional minds who have excelled in their fields, generously giving time and support, to further the charitable cause of the Dūcere Foundation. Dūcere found that many industry leaders were wanting to participate in something that could support and promote the foundation. From there they began to participate in the education project as well. The Dūcere foundation does important work in a number of countries in Africa, building peace centres, schools and publishing houses.

At Dūcere we are focused on the union of education and philanthropic activities. Our charitable works are fully funded by proceeds generated by from the business courses we deliver.

Insights from the Global Leaders Faculty are integrated into the research and learning materials in our courses. In our MBA, while we believe is that it is absolutely crucial to be supported by our world-class academics in undertaking your Masters’ program, we also believe that in order to fully understand the business concepts that we are endeavouring to teach, it is hugely beneficial for students to hear from the most successful people in the world.

In order to take on academic theories, it is advantageous for the student to see theories be applied in a real-world context and demonstrated successfully. In the Dūcere MBA we break up your course offering and identify the key business concepts. We then find the most successful people worldwide achieving that business concept already, and garner their insights.

We do this through high quality production video interviews and case studies, which are then integrated into the course offerings and made available to you to the MBA portal.

The Global Leaders Faculty is a unique offering which is consistent throughout our Ducere courses, is completely proprietary and not accessible to any other business.

Dūcere programs have enabled children to change their lives and seek a brighter future, thanks the generosity of these world leaders. When you study your MBA with Dūcere Business School, you are not only receiving the most innovative business education the world currently has to offer. You are also contributing to peace, education and economic empowerment in underprivileged African nations.


Patrick Loke

Dūcere Business School, MBA Administration