Promoting and Supporting Innovation and Leadership

As the name of the course makes clear, the focus of the Dūcere MBA is Innovation and Leadership. While these are currently buzzwords and you may be seeing them consistently in the current education media and also in industry, we wanted to make sure that they weren’t just buzzwords to us.

In the Dūcere MBA students are learning advanced business concepts in a real-world context and that gives them the opportunity to really focus on innovative, blue sky thinking about real-world innovative solutions to  problems faced by major organisations.

A supportive environment is provided to encourage innovation. So rather than a commercial situation which is high risk, students are given the opportunity to take chances and really come up with something creative and different. So when they deliver the project to the industry partner they may be able to present something interesting and new that the organisation had not previously thought about. The partner organisation, in turn, gets to work with a dynamic MBA group from diverse backgrounds, drawing on varied experiences to provide ideas and solutions that are very different to a typical consultancy group.

Clearly the innovation element is extremely important and students are encouraged to reflect on how they are thinking and how they are approaching these problems innovatively throughout the course. This is done throughout the course via journaling reflections on the industry deliverables, each time they produce something for an industry partner.

With regard to the other aspect of the specialisation; Leadership, again there are a number of courses available claiming to be focused on leadership. However we don’t believe that you can simply learn theoretically about leadership. In our view fostering leadership requires an experiential learning approach. You can learn theories about leadership, but you really need to apply them to understand what works for you.

Project progression

The linear progression throughout the course is in three stages. You progress from Learner, to Manager to Leader. This means that in your first project you enter at the bottom of your project team in terms of hierarchy. You also have the mentorship of those in the team with more course experience. These are the Managers and Leaders in their second and third projects. You in then move through each stage, managing and eventually leading a project group. By your third project you have learned about various management and leadership theories and witnessed a range of approaches and skills. You are now ready for your opportunity to lead your group and undertake engagement with the client and manage the students who have joined the course at later stages.

If you would like to know more about the Dūcere and UC MBA- Innovation and Leadership you may contact us at


Photo credit:  Follow the Leader Vinoth Chandar CC 2012


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