MBA Student Interview

Vanessa, current MBA student, shares her experience of the Ducere MBA project work in this interview.

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Our Industry Projects are a Ground-Breaking Innovation

The concept of MBA industry partners and the industry project model implemented by Dūcere Business School is a ground-breaking innovation. Nowhere else in the world is there an MBA delivering such a project focus. For a long time academics have been trying to figure out how they can better align real experience with the academic experience in a business course.

Our MBA industry partners include a number of national and multi-national organisations across the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors. These partners provide real current challenges and opportunities that are facing the organisation. MBA student teams of around six individuals collaborate and work on these projects for these industry partners and senior stakeholders from these organisations. The outcomes of the projects go directly to the industry partners to be potentially actioned in part or whole. This means that projects are not added on, but integrated into the course. This is not just an ordinary industry placement that bolts on to the traditional modular business course. These projects are really at the core of the student’s experience.

Save the Children Team


As a Dūcere MBA candidate, you deliver three industry projects throughout the MBA, each lasting about four months. While completing those projects you also undertake academic assignments which are aligned to different milestones of those projects. You deliver real outcomes to the industry partners which will potentially impact these organisations’ bottom lines. In completing the three projects you get through the different nine academic divisions of your MBA namely Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, People and Culture, Ethics and Sustainability, Strategy and Risk, Finance and Administration, Information and Systems, Marketing and Communication and Operations Management.

It is our belief that the traditional siloed approach to business courses which is modular, (for example you study finance this month and people and culture next month, strategy the month after) is actually not reflective of the modern working world. There is no such business project  that is purely a “finance project”. You need to be able to consider all of these business problems holistically. You need to be thinking about all of the different elements and how they interplay in order to solve any problem. By focusing on real current challenges that industry partners are facing, we ensure that the curriculum is a live curriculum. These are the most pressing and significant strategic issues that are out there in the market today rather than an academic curriculum which is historically defined by University and is being rolled purely as an exercise.

Additionally any business concept you learn is discovered in the context of a real problem and those learnings are directly applied. Rather than learning simply how to approach building a strategic plan for example, you actually delivering a strategic plan to an organisation. You are then getting direct feedback from really high calibre professionals. They will be letting you know, when bench-marked against their high standards, how successfully you are achieving those outcomes. Receiving that kind of direct feedback from really significant industry players is a unique offering of this course.

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